In Memory of Ron Gordon

Hibernian’s late Executive Chairman, who passed away in the early hours of Tuesday 21 February simply exuded enthusiasm. More than that, he instilled it in those he met.

Enthusiasm for a cause; enthusiasm for a venture; enthusiasm for his beloved football club; enthusiasm for life. Ron never dwelt on the negative when a positive was there to be taken. “I love it!” was one of his most oft-used phrases.

It was a quality that helped drive his successes in life, and a quality he prized in others. And it is a consistent thread that has run through the flow of tributes from within Scottish football. Ron, despite his relatively recent involvement with our Club and with Scottish football, was tireless and optimistic in his desire to bring improvement and success for both.

His vision aims to deliver consistent sporting success, better match day experience for fans, and a Club rooted in its community. He wanted, he said, fans to be proud of their club on and off the pitch.

Ron will be missed by everyone at Hibernian Community Foundation.