The Hibee Family

The Hibernian Community Foundation is part of a wider family or organisations, charities, media channels and of course a global network of supporter associations that are green and white to the core.

The Hibernian Historical Trust

The Hibernian Historical Trust was established in 2004 with the goal of preserving and protecting the historical artefacts of the Club, as well as being a focal point for information and education about the Club’s rich history.

The Trust used the period of lockdown carry out an inventory of all the items it has in its possession. So far they have identified over 5,000 items that have been donated, loaned or purchased over 16 years. Items range from trophies, medals, programmes, photographs and strips, and more beside. Indeed, the Trust has in its possession the complete set of match-worn original Scottish Cup final strips, tracksuits, balls and even the silver packing case in which they were transported to Hampden, kindly donated by the Club.

In collecting items, the Trust is careful to establish the authenticity of any item it receives including its provenance. It has been asked advice on many occasions to validate items that supporter’s treasure as being genuine and will only do so if there is documentation that supports that opinion.

Fan Forums

Check out the following fan forums which are delivered by our supporters: a fan forum set up in 1994. Fans can use the forum to engage in general discussions of all things Hibs and otherwise. The page has had over 5 million posts since its inception, with over 15,000 members.

Fitba Stats

This site is the ultimate historical Hibernian FC resource on the internet.

Hibees Bounce

A forum site featuring general discussion on all things Hibernian, as well as the Just Back Archives section, featuring regular blog posts.


Block 7

Block 7 are a group of enthusiastic and energetic lifelong-Hibees who provide non-stop support, music and cheer at Easter Road. Block 7 thrives off commitment and passion for the club.

As Block 7 continue to grow, they work closely with the club to help create a special atmosphere inside Easter Road.

“Block Seven isn’t just a Saturday project, it’s all day, every day, it’s our main priority. The effort the members put into the group is phenomenal.”

“What do Hibs mean to us? In a word… Everything! It’s our Club. Our Passion. Our City.”

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Dnipro Kids

In September 2005, during a Hibernian FC UEFA Cup trip to Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, a handful of our supporters organised a charitable collection for some local orphans. Within a few months the idea had snowballed, and backing by Hibees enabled a charity to reach more children than ever first envisaged.

When the war in Ukraine broke out in 2022, the charity took it upon themselves to help a group of orphans escape the conflict and find a home here in Edinburgh.

The charity has continued to develop services for the children, enabling them to learn, find work and enjoy life in Scotland.

Australia and New Zealand 


A Facebook page specifically for Hibernian fans based in or temporary visitors to Australia and New Zealand. Australian & NZ Hibs supporters Facebook 

Brunswick (HSA) 

Contact the Hibs Club for more information – [email protected] 

Carlton (HSA) 

Contact: Steven Brockie ([email protected]) 

A supporter’s bus for the Carlton Branch travels to every away match. 

Central (HSA) 

Contacts: Chairman/Bus Convenor: James Mills (07810 882475) and Secretary/Treasurer: Kevin Mills (07729 399542) 

Dalkeith & Bonnyrigg 

Contacts: Kevin Flynn ([email protected], 0772 973 7581) and Gary Hart ([email protected], 0794 045 2490) 

Eastern (HSA) 

Contacts: Chairman: Billy Scott [email protected], Secretary: Michael Scott, and Treasurer: Ian Stewart [email protected] 

East Lothian Hibs Supporters 

Facebook: East Lothian Hibs Supporters Club 

Edinburgh West (HSA) 

Contact the Hibs Club for more information – [email protected] 

Emerald Hibs (HSA) 

Emerald Hibs was formed in 2013 by members who met up in The Hibs Club every second Saturday of the season 2012 and decided they should form their own branch – the Emerald Hibs Supporters Branch was formed on the 29th of May 2013. 

Find Emerald Hibs on Facebook 

Contacts: Secretary: Brian Jempson ([email protected]) and Treasurer: Ronnie Sterling ([email protected]) 

2016 (HSA) 

Contact the Hibs Club for more information – [email protected] 

Hawkhill (HSA) 

Contacts: Ian Duffy ([email protected]) and Tom Hall ([email protected]) 

Branch meetings are held on the first Monday of every month. 

Hibees Pride 

Contact: [email protected] 

Hibees Pride is the LGBTIQ+ supporters’ group of Hibernian FC 

Facebook: Hibees Pride ( 

Twitter: @HibeesPride) 


Contacts: Ross Stuart, Craig Kane, Blair Stuart and Cameron Venters ([email protected]) 

A supporter’s bus for away matches travels regularly with picks up enroute. 

Irish Hibs Supporters Club 

Contacts: Conor Williamson ([email protected]), David Hanly ([email protected]) and Niall Kenny ([email protected]) 


Email: [email protected] 


Linlithgow (HSA) 

Contacts: Chairman and Bus Convener: Brian Gallacher ([email protected]) 

Secretary: Dave Brown 

Fundraising: Danny Kilgannon 

The Linlithgow supporters branch was founded in 1985 and became members of HSA since 1986 with a membership of around 60 people. Buses are organised to home matches and most away games. 


Contacts: Brian Rogan ([email protected]) and Rose McEwan ([email protected]) 

Milton Mowbray (HSA) 

Contact: Willie Young, Chairman (0779 649 2100) 

This branch has regular travel to away games, as well as monthly meetings in the Ormelie Tavern, Joppa Road, Edinburgh.  

North East Scotland Hibs (NESH) (HSA) 

NESH is the club for Hibees all over the North East of Scotland. NESH was born in 2017 when Frazer Henderson – a Hibee from Edinburgh who lived at the time in Aberdeen – proposed getting a branch off the ground. The name NESH was chosen to reflect the fact that membership comes from right across the North East and not just from Aberdeen. There are members from Montrose, Elgin, Nairn, Arbroath, Banff Laurencekirk, Dundee, Orkney, and beyond.  

Membership of NESH is very reasonable: a £10 joining fee (for which you get a free NESH scarf) and £2 per month after that.  The association doesn’t aim to make a lot of money subsidise the bus at £10-15 return for members to travel to games). Leftover funds are often re-invested in Hibs. NESH has sponsored a players (including sponsoring Kevin Nisbet’s away jersey) and have made donations to Since 1875 – when they existed – for displays, and to Hibs Women.  

Today, the association has 97 members, and continues to grow. 

NESH runs regular buses to most Category A games.  

Twitter: @NESH_Hibs 

Contact: Douglas Reid ([email protected] 

Northern Ireland 

Contact: Conor Johnston ([email protected]) 

Orkney Islands (HSA) 

Contact: ([email protected]) 

Perth Paul Kanos (HSA) 

Contact: Geoff Ford 
Mobile: 07950920745 
Email: [email protected] 

Republic of Ireland Supporters 

Contacts: Mark Keogh ([email protected]) and Paul O’Neill ([email protected]) 

Shetland (HSA) 

Contact the Hibs Club for more information – [email protected] 

St Giles (HSA) 

Contacts – Jackie Ernest, Frank Sweeney ([email protected]) or Mike ([email protected]) 

St Patrick (HSA) 

St. Patrick’s keep their historic name alive as the original home of Hibernian FC, to maintain their supporter’s voice and link to the club. Hibernian FC was born within the St. Patrick’s parish in Cowgate on August 6th 1875. St. Patrick HSA are proud of historical ties to the club and continue to work hard to uphold the ethos of our founding fathers.  

Contacts: Dougie McLeod, Robert Henderson, Stuart McLeod ([email protected]) 


Twitter: @St_Pats_Branch 

Southern (HSA) 

Contacts: Mike Riley and Colin Grieve ([email protected]) 

Stanton (HSA) 

Contacts: Chair/Secretary: Jackie Telford ([email protected], 07811 270720), Treasurer: Peter McIntosh 

Branch meetings are held on the first Tuesday in every month. New members are always welcome. 


Contact: Carl Ireland ([email protected]) 

The Swedish Hibernian Supporters Club (SHSC) was founded in the spring of 2007.  

West of Scotland 

Contacts: Duncan Hotchkiss ([email protected]), Vini Ferguson ([email protected]) and Bill Campbell ([email protected]) 

The West of Scotland Supporters’ Club occasionally runs buses to away games. 

Winchburgh & District 

Contact: Kevin Jempson (07941871045)